"Eeah whats that?"


- one of the customers and Alex

The Yoghurt Bar Customers were a small group of humans that visited the yoghur bar located inside the Clamp Center prior to the gremlin]] invasion of the building

After the Mogwai's (Daffy, Lenny, Mohawk and George) spawned from Gizmo whom they locked away inside a vent, they went down to the lobby and went to the yoghurt bar to get something to eat after mignight, where these customers were present, a few of them asking the yoghurt sellers some question. One woman noticed Mohawk reaching out from under a pile of candies, believing it to be a rat, and then Mohawk fully peered out and leered at them, scaring them.

When Billy Peltzer along with his girlfriend Kate Peltzer arrived (with the mogwai daffy in a duffel bag), they noticed the commotion at the yoghurt bar and asked one of the customers what it was, whereupon the customer told him it was something furry, which got Billy to understand it was another mogwai.


  • The old man with white hair and glasses who asks if it was a rat the woman saw was portrayed by the legendary music composer of both Gremlins movies; Jerry Goldsmith.

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