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    Hill Nothing fan

    Hi guys, do any of you know what happened to Gyaos? the founder of this Wiki!

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    Hill Nothing fan

    Hey guys, i was wondering if this might be your favorite part of Gremlins 2, cause its probably mine.

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    Hill Nothing fan

    After Mr Glasses the Brain Gremlin stated his information about the new batch being reincarnations, I did some research on this wiki and decided that The New Batch of Mogwai spawned from Gizmo in Gremlins 2 are mostly reincarnations from the first batch.

    Mohawk- reincarnation of Stripe, he recognizes Gizmo and says "Gizmo Caca" the same line that Stripe always said. Mohawk also remembers Billy, when he sees Billy in the Splice of Life lab he identifies him and tries to shoot him, similar to Stripe as in the first movie.

    George- reincarnation of the Microwave Gremlin, he reacts in anger when he spot's a microwave and destroys it.

    Lenny- probably not a reincarnation from the first batch, but he may be an reincarnation of the Beer Tap Gremlin.


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    Hill Nothing fan

    Hey guys, i was wondering if Daniel Clamp was a parody of Donald Trump, cause they have so much in common,

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    Hill Nothing fan

    Hey, recently i found this picture of strange Japanese Mogwai figures, i don't think they are official toys, they may be cheap fakes, so does anyone if these are fake or real toys? cause i have seen these figures anywhere.

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