The Traffic Light Gremlin was one of the many gremlins that invaded Kingston Falls.


After the gremlins destroyed the Futtermens's house with a snowplow and attacking the Mr. Anderson, this gremlin is seen sitting in a circuit box belonging to some traffic lights and messes with the wires, causing the traffic lights on all sides to go haywire and light up red, yellow and green and by so on, getting cars to crash into each other; the gremlin then laughs about it, while the car crash survivors yelled in anger and frustration. Later on, he joins the other gremlins and ultimately dies in the movie theater along with most of the other gremlins (except Stripe) when it explodes and goes up in flames due to Billy Peltzer along with Gizmo and Kate Beringer rigging the place to explode.


  • The way he tampers with the traffic light wiring is something one would expect a Gremlin to do, as the old gremlin legends speaks of them messing with planes and other electrical machines and devices.

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