The Tattoo Parlor Gremlin was one of the many gremlins that invaded the Clamp Center building. He is dressed in a jeans-type jacket without sleeves and a black cap and is smoking a cigarette.


He is seen in the Clamp Center lobby along with the rest of the horde and he is shown having applied a Warner Brothers logo tattoo on the chest of the Tattoo Gremlin and laughs about it. He is then destroyed along with the most of the gremlins (except Greta) after they are doused with water from a fire hose and then electrocuted to death by the Electric Gremlin who gets released at them.


  • The device used by the Tattoo Parlor Gremlin to tattoo the Warner Brothers logo onto the Tattoo Gremlin's chest is not a real tattoo machine, but in fact a soldering iron.