The Systems Control room was an area of the Clamp Center building. The room acted as the general control room for the entire building and it's various features like security cameras and ventilation systems. A team of technicians worked here under the lead of Forster, the head of security.

When the Gremlins invaded the building, Billy Peltzer came inside the room and tried to warn Forster and his technicians but they didn't take him seriously until the gremlin Mohawk bursts through the control panel and attacked one of the technicians before getting scared away by Billy armed with a flashlight. They then started losing control over the building as cameras shut off along with various systems and eventually they abandoned the room, which was later occupied by the gremlin duo George and Lenny, who used one of the monitors to watch the old 1953 monster movie The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and Lenny also messed around with the controls of the ventilation.

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