Studio D was a TV studio located in the Clamp Cable Network studio complex at the Clamp Center building.


Studio D was used to record episodes of a cookery show called Microwave With Marge that placed an emphasis on the use of microwave ovens. It was fitted out with a kitchen set that included several microwave ovens.


A recording of an episode of Microwave with Marge was taking place in the studio when the host Marge was interrupted by an electrical brownout. Shortly thereafter, Daffy appeared in a pot of noodles and George, Lenny and Mohawk jumped out of the kitchen cupboards. The crew and members of a tour lead by Kate Peltzer fled the studio (save for Katsuji), leaving Marge for dead as she was assaulted by the gremlins.

The gremlins then began throwing metal utensils into a microwave oven, and the ensuing explosion set fire to the kitchen set, activating the studio's fire suppresion sprinklers. Extensive flooding damage and biohazardous contamination was caused as the gremlins spontaneously reproduced. Camera equipment and lighting was damaged, and a neon sign exploded.

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