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"Your favorite"

~Shelia Futterman, telling Murray about his favorite cheese food.

Sheila Futterman (played by Jackie Joseph) is a Kingston Falls citizen and the wife of Murray Futterman. She is a sweet, tidy housewife who enjoys taking photographs when on vacation. Her habit of taking photographs, is similar to the Japanese character Mr. Katsuji.


She was with Murray when their home was destroyed by gremlins during the gremlin invasion of (both survived but the incident left a psychological scar). A few years later, she traveled with her husband to New York to visit Billy and Kate Peltzer who was working at the Clamp Center building. When Murray was fighting the Bat Gremlin who attacked the two of them outside a cathedral, she told him to grab it as it went for him. After Murray covered the creature with cement, Sheila took a photograph of it as is started to fly up from the cement, whereupon it landed on the cathedral and hardened into a statue. Later, Shelia notice Murray was missing. The reason why is because Murray was the only man to see that Mr. Clamp was able to get onto the street by way of a secret passage, so he used the secret elevator to get inside the Clamp Center to help Billy. Later, after the gremlins have been destroy. Shelia came into the skyscraper and reunited with Murray.

Outside the building, his wife was then listening to the star of Microwave With Marge, Marge, who was telling Sheila about a recipe, and Shelia told Murray that his favorite food is cheese food on top of another food, and Murray unhappily and with a lack of interest replied, "Yeah, sure".

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