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The Shadow Puppet Gremlins are a pair of Gremlins who appear in Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990).


At one point in the movie, when Mohawk steals the spider serum and the protagonists come into contact with Dr. Catheter, the signal goes into pure static and ruining the film suddenly the Shadow Puppet Gremlins appear, breaking the fourth wall, revealing themselves to be the culprits. They proceed to make shadow puppets of several things, including a bird, a rabbit and even Abraham Lincoln. In the theater version, they get scared by Hulk Hogan, while in the alternate version (on Home Video), they get into a confrontation with John Wayne, who quickly defeats them in a western-style battle. In both versions, they are forced to continue the film. Later, most of the gremlins (including the shadow puppet gremlins and except Greta) have been soaked with water and got electrocuted by Electric Gremlin, who also and them have been killed instantly.

Alternative Gremlins 2 scene02:36

Alternative Gremlins 2 scene

John Wayne version


The shadow puppet Gremlins in the video version

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