The Poker-Cheating Gremlin was one of the many gremlins that invaded Kingston Falls and as his name implies, he was cheating at a poker game. He is characterized by the poker visor he is wearing as well as several poker cards he is hiding behind his ears.


At Dorry's Tavern, Stripe was playing poker with some other gremlins, including the Poker-Cheater and The Deagle Gremlin. The Deagle Gremlin noticed he was cheating and alerted Stripe.

Poker-Cheater had hidden two cards behind his ears and added another to his deck. The Deagle Gremlin noticed this and alerted Stripe, who then shot the Poker-Cheater, killing him. Stripe and The Deagle Gremlin cruelly laughed together and continued their game.


  • The Poker-Cheater Gremlin met a similar fate to two other Gremlins, the Hand Puppet Gremlin and the Beanie Gremlin, who both irritated another Gremlin, and paid a price for doing so.
  • NECA released an action figure of the Poker-Cheating Gremlin, (Called "Poker Player" on the box), in 2003. The figure came with a poker visor, a set of playing cards, poker chips and other assorted snacks, and a hidden playing card behind his ear.