"Get out of my kitchen!"

-Lynn Peltzer before attacking the Plate-Thrower with a kitchen knife.

The Plate-Throwing Gremlin was a member of the first batch spawned from Gizmo. Like his other four siblings, he was first a mogwai and then transformed into a gremlin after eating after midnight.


Gremlin vs Lynn

The Plate-Throwing Gremlin attacks Lynn by throwing plates

After killing the Blender Gremlin, Lynn Peltzer got multiple plates hurled towards her by the Plate-Throwing Gremlin and by so, discovered that there were more of them around. She grabs a foldable chair to block the plates thrown at her, advances toward the gremlin and ultimately stabs him multiple times with a kitchen knife and then leaves the knife stuck in his bleeding body. The gremlin writhes around in a death struggle until he dies moments afterwards.


  • In Gremlins 2, Lenny briefly attacks Marge in a manner reminiscent of the Plate-thrower by clumsily throwing random kitchen equipment at her.

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