The Photographer Gremlin was one of the many gremlins gremlin that invaded the Clamp Center building. He is shown wearing a plaid shirt, some chains around his neck, a pair of sunglasses atop his head and he is holding a camera.


As many gremlins has gathered in the main lobby of the Clamp Center, the Photographer gremlin is shown preparing his camera to take a photo of the Igor Puppet Gremlin who is waiting and waving the Igor puppet around. The Photographer turns toward him and takes a photo with a bright flash, which kills the puppet-holding gremlin immediately by comically reducing him to a skeleton which crumbles, all due to the fact that the gremlins are weak to bright light. The Photographer Gremlin gets killed along with the most of the gremlins (except Greta) when they get electrocuted by the Electric Gremlin who gets released out over them after they have gotten doused with water from a hose.


  • Interestingly, the photographer himself wasn't killed by the flash from the camera despite being a gremlin too.
  • The camera flash shouldn't have killed the gremlin anyways; When Kate did the same thing in Dorry's Tavern, the gremlins only were temporarily blinded.

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