Pete Fountaine is a young friend of Billy Peltzer, and a resident of Kingston Falls and prior to the gremlin incident in town, he had a voluntary job of bringing Christmas trees to Kingston Falls residents.


He was the first one to spill water on Gizmo, which led to the creation of new Mogwai, which ultimately led to the birth of five new mogwai, among them Stripe, meaning multiplication and later the attack on Kingston Falls by gremlins.

Pete was later seen using a slingshot to attack gremlins that were invading his house outside his window. He also used a knife to cut off the wire of Christmas lights that a Gremlin was climbing. Later he was heard on the Rockin' Ricky radio program, Pete was calling Rockin' Ricky to complain that "little green guys" were attacking his house, while Rockin' Ricky was complaining over everybody talking to him about the gremlins. It is unknown whether he survived or died from the gremlin annihilation.


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Behind the scenesEdit

  • Although Pete was seen after the death of Mr. Roy Hanson (his science teacher) and appeared to still be in Kingston Falls, the novel based on Gremlins suggests that Pete, who was upset about the death of Hanson and had blamed himself for it, ran away from home and was never seen again.