Peggy (played by Julia Sweeney) was an employee at the Clamp Center. She worked as the receptionist at the Splice O' Life laboratory on floor 51.


Some time prior to the gremlin invasion, when the head scientist Doctor Catheter came to work in the lab, Peggy conveyed the head scientist a package which had been delivered moments before. Hoping for it to be the malaria parasite, he was disappointed to see that the package contained rabies, which he already had in storage. He also commented that he should be getting the Flu soon (as a package delivery), to which Peggy responded that they already had (seeing as she was currently sick) and sneezed into a tissue, which Catheter asked for and she gave it to him.

She most likely escaped the building during the Gremlin attack as did most of the other Splice O' Life laboratory employees.

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