500px-Gremlins2 05

Daniel Clamp leads the Swat Team into the Clamp Center

The New York Swat Team are a special unit of the New York Police Force used for special assignments.

Daniel Clamp led a Swat Unit along with its leader into the Clamp Center near the end of the Gremlin attack.

Gremlins 2Edit

After a failed attempt to kill the Gremlins who had earlier invaded the Clamp Center, Daniel Clamp calls in a New York swat team to help fight the Gremlins. Daniel Clamp borrows a uniform and rifle from the Swat Team Leader.

As Daniel Clamp leads the swat team into the lobby to attack the Gremlins, they realize the Gremlins are already dead and reduced to green slime. Thanks to Clamp's employee's Billy Peltzer, Kate Peltzer, Marla Bloodstone along with Murray Futterman and Gizmo the Mogwai.

Although the Swat team are too late to actually engage the Gremlins, one Gremlin which is still alive is quickly shot dead.

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