Mr. Wing's Grandson (unnamed in the film) is the grandson of Mr. Wing. He is of Chinese descent like Wing himself.


He was the one who led Randall Peltzer to his grandfather's store, where Randall took and interest to the Mogwai Gizmo and wanted to buy him, though Mr. Wing refused the grandson talked him into selling Gizmo since Wing after all need all money he can get, implying that Wing is poor. The grandson often goes against what his grandfather tells him to do, specifically when he sold the Gizmo to Randall. According to the Gremlins novel, Mr. Wing had severely punished his grandson for giving Peltzer the Mogwai, because not only did he not listen to his grandfather, but because of his poor decision, all of Kingston Falls had erupted into chaos and its citizens greatly suffered after gremlins had attacked it.


Mr. Wing's Grandson was played by John Louie.

He does not appear in the second movie so it is unknowing what he feels now that his grandpa died.