This Movie Theatre Manager (played by the late great Paul Bartel) appeared in the middle segment of Gremlins 2: The New Batch where the film breaks down due to the gremlins interfering with the movie itself.


He was seen standing outside the screening room and was confronted by the Movie Theatre Mom, who storms out with her daughter, the Movie Theatre Kid, and complains to him about how the movie is worse than the first one, Gremlins. He just answers that they only show the movies, not make them. Then the battered Movie Theatre Projectionist comes downstairs, saying that the gremlins have taken over the projection booth. Then Theatre Manager says that he'll take care of it.

He then wanders into the screening room, where the gremlins have started playing a vintage nudie movie (called "Volleyball Holiday"), and seeks out Hulk Hogan who is one of the moviegoers and tells him about the gremlins problem, whereupon Hulk stands up and threatens to take out the gremlins until they get scared and decide to play the rest of the movie. He survived throughout the rest of this movie.

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