The Mobil Gas Station Attendant (played by Kenneth Tobey) was a man who worked at a gas station around the time of the gremlin invasion of Kingston Falls.


When Randall Peltzer was on his way back to Kingston Falls after having been at a convention and had picked up the family dog Barney on the way, he stopped at the gas station where the attendant worked and went in there to use the phone and to shop. In there he noticed the man was a smoker and offered him his new invention, the Smokeless Ash Tray and said it could solve his problems.

However, as Randall left, behind him was the attendant, coughing and holding the invention which fumed of smoke. Later on after the gremlins had been killed and the attack on the town had been stopped by Randall's son, Billy Peltzer, Mr. Wing showed up at the Peltzer home to pick up the mogwai Gizmo and give the money Randall paid for the creature back, Randall offered him a 'smokeless ash tray' as a consolation gift, whereupon Wing noted that a man at a gas station had tried to sell one to him.

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