"Well, Lewis. It's like I said: If you want to find something weird, you have to go downtown."

—Martin, taking Gizmo to Catheter's laboratory in Clamp Center with himself & Lewis

Martin and Lewis (played by Don and Dan Stanton) were twin brothers working as scientist at Clamp Center under the head scientist Doctor Catheter who was their supervisor as well.


While patrolling the streets for test subjects, they found Gizmo the Mogwai and did some tests on him and found out that he was weak against sunlight and even discovered that he would dance to a certain song. They had also invented an object that could make rats power electrical items, but it was not perfected as one could not touch the rats without getting an electrical shock.

As the Gremlins took over the building, the pair could be seen escaping together with other scientists as well as the various lab animals... and survived.


  • The name of the twin brothers, Martin & Lewis, are referred to those two legendary male partners, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis.

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