"Can I get some help here, please? I'm trapped in some sort of adhesive, polymer material and I'm on deadline!"

- Marla Bloodstone, trapped in Mohawk's web.

Marla Bloodstone (played by Haviland Morris) is an employee at Clamp Center. She has a habit of massive overreaction, calling the slightest problems nuclear meltdown disasters. She usually wears glasses, is a chain smoker and is also Billy Peltzer's boss In the design department, as Billy got a new job as a graphic artist (as possibly losing his job due to the Kingston Falls bank destroyed by the gremlins in the first film).


Gremlins2 scene 08

Marla with Gizmo in a box.

Marla convinced Billy to date her and Billy somewhat reluctantly agreed, whereupon they went to a Canadian restaurant. While they were there Marla starts flirting with him by rubbing her foot on his crotch giving him an erection and as he left she gave him a big kiss on his face which left a big red lipstick mark.

This caused problems for Gizmo and Kate Beringer (the latter accidentally getting Daffy with her home instead of Gizmo and getting upset at Billy). The next day, when Marla mentions about the date to Billy with Kate listening, Kate obviously got angry and told him that he will be in big trouble when the gremlin problem ends. Near the end of the movie, Marla was trapped in Mohawk's spider web, and Kate came in, deciding whether to leave her behind or reluctantly help her. Marla confessed everything, and Kate removes her from the web, but the two women find themselves corned by the gremlin Mohawk, who had mutated into a spider gremlin.

Spider-Mohawk was about to kill them until Gizmo (dressed up like Rambo) came in and set Mohawk on fire with a small and flaming arrow... right before Murray Futterman rescues Marla and Kate while Billy rescues Gizmo. Afterwards, when the Gremlins were destroyed by electricity, she was holding Gizmo in a box.

After Clamp regained control of his business, he made Marla his new public relations manager and possibly showed some interest towards Marla. She is last seen deciding to quit smoking and telling curious people about the gremlin incident.