"Get out of my kitchen!"

~Lynn Peltzer (to the gremlins)

Lynn Peltzer is the mother of Billy Peltzer and the wife of inventor Randall Peltzer. She is introduced as a normal housewife, but she has a tough side which is revealed as four gremlins attempt to invade her home and she is the only one home to stop them.


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lynn vs a gremlin

She was the only one home when the Gremlins of the first batch hatched out of their cocoons at the Peltzer home. Hearing a noise upstairs, she grabbed a knife and went to investigate. Finding nothing, she returned to the kitchen where she found the five mogwai, now in their vicious gremlin forms. She managed to kill three using a variety of kitchen implements including a blender, a knife, and a microwave. She was then attacked, and nearly killed, by a fourth gremlin hiding in the Christmas tree, but Billy managed to save her by decapitating the gremlin.

One gremlin, the leader named Stripe, managed to escape into the night to cause more sadistic mischief. Billy took Lynn to a neighbor who worked as a doctor, where she spent the rest of the movie recovering, until Billy came back in Kingston Falls after Stripe melted to death. Like Billy and Gizmo, she still had injuries from the Gremlins. When she was about to cook chicken soup for Gizmo, she immediately saw Mr. Wing when she was about to go into the kitchen. Mr. Wing takes back Gizmo and tells them that he shall give Gizmo back, when they are ready.


Lynn was originally going to get her head cut off by the gremlins and rolled down the stairs when Billy would come in, but the cast had a negative reaction with it, so it wasn't put in.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was portrayed by actress Frances Lee McCain in the film.

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