The Locker Gremlin was one of the many Gremlins that overran the Clamp Center. He was one of the gremlins wreaking havok inside the Splice O' Life laboratory and was hiding inside Doctor Catheter's weapons locker.


When Billy Peltzer and Catheter came inside the lab, they went over to Cathether's weapon locker where he supposedly stored many weapons. As he unlocked it and put his hand inside, the Locker Gremlin bit down onto it and he pulled it out, screaming to Billy to get it off. Billy grabbed the gremlin and managed to released it from around Catheter's arm and threw it backwards. The gremlin landed on a chair with wheels that rolled away across the room. Later on, it was totally soaked and electrocuted by Electric Gremlin, who and most of the other gremlins (except Greta) are also died in the lobby.

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