George next to his Lego Gremlin


-Lenny about to destroy the Lego Gremlin

The Lego Gremlin was a gremlin-shaped toy made entirely out of red and yellow Lego bricks by George while he along with his his partner in crime, Lenny, as well as Mohawk crashed a toy store in the Clamp Center during the gremlin invasion of the building in Gremlins 2: The New Batch. As George finishes his creation and looks at in awe, Lenny knocks it down with a toy truck which he pops out of while snuggling with a gremlin doll, which destroys George's Lego creation.


  • Lego actually donated this gremlin for use. However, they were completely unaware that it would be destroyed.
  • The Lego Gremlin might have a special appearance in Lego Dimensions.

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