Martin And Lewis

The Lab Gremlins behind Martin and Lewis


- Lab Gremlin

The Lab Gremlins were two of the many gremlins that invaded the Clamp Center building. They spawned from either George, Lenny or Daffy and made their way into the Splice O' Life lab in the building. There, they took lab coats and wore gloves and mimicked Martin and Lewis, two of the scientists there. They also witnessed the transformation of both the Brain Gremlin and Bat Gremlin.

A few minutes later the two Lab Gremlins are breifly seen attacking the two twins, with one on each twin. Along with the most of the Gremlins (except Greta), they were present in the main lobby of the building and were killed after getting wet and electrocuted by the Electric Gremlin who was later unleashed out over them.

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