Billy, Sheriff Frank and Deputy Brent inside the station.

The Kingston Falls Police Station is the local Police station in Kingston Falls. The town's sheriff, Frank and his deputy, Brent, are two of the policemen who work there.

During the night when the gremlins invades the town, Billy Peltzer goes to the police station and tries to warn Frank and Brent, who are working there late, about the gremlins, but they don't listen and makes fun of it. When Billy is showing Gizmo to them, they get a phone call about a snow plow accident involving Murray Futterman and his wife Sheila Futterman. Then they head out to check it out and tells Billy to go home with Gizmo like a good boy and open his Christmas presents. It is unknown if the Gremlins invaded  the station while it was left unattended.

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