The entrance of the theater.

The Kingston Falls Movie Theater is a local movie theater in the small town of Kingston Falls.

Theater gremlins

The gremlins in the theater

Around the time of the gremlin invasion of the town, it was showing a re-release of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, and when all the gremlins went inside the theater, they accidentally put the film on and watched it. As they were watching the film, Billy Peltzer, Kate Beringer and Gizmo entered the theater and went to the machine room, where Billy fixed for an explosion to happen whereupon they then ran out, chased by the gremlins, and went outside and blocked the door for the gremlins before they ran for cover. Then a couple of explosions occurred inside, destroying a large part of the theater and killing many of the gremlins.

Some managed to survive the first explosion and ran around burning and confused but they we're all killed as a second explosion occurred.

Its unknown if the Kingston Falls Movie Theater was rebuilt after the Gremlins had been defeated.


  • The film title "Watch The Skies" on the theater marquee is a referance to the film 'The Thing' in which Watch the Skies are the last words spoken.
  • The film titles on the marquee: "A Boys Life" was the early title for "E.T. The Extra-Terrestal" and "Watch the Skies" was the early title for "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
  • The Kingston Falls movie theater is called the Colony Theater, the C and O are cut off by the camera.

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