The bank seen from the outside.

The Kingston Falls Bank was the one and only bank in the small town of Kingston Falls and it is used by almost everyone in town. Its manager was Roland Corben, although Mrs. Ruby Deagle a cold and heartless woman who really controlled it. Billy Peltzer with his girlfriend Kate both worked at the bank along with their disliked collegue Gerald Hopkins who hopes to become manager once Corben retires.

On the night of the gremlin attack on the town, gremlins broke inside the bank and killed Corben by hitting his head with a large clock, while Gerald survived by locking himself into the vault (as seen in a deleted scene). Later Billy, along with Kate and Gizmo arrive at the now empty bank to hide from the evil Gremlins. It is unknown who became the new bank manager of the bank once the Gremlins were defeated and the town healed from the incident, but it is assumed Gerald did.

In Gremlins 2 the New Batch, Billy mentions that he could of just continued working for the bank.

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