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Gremlins Unleashed is a Gameboy Color game released in 2001 by a now defunct game developer LSP. This game has you playing as either Gizmo or Stripe trying to gather a specific number of objects to the next stage.

Gameplay Edit

Gizmo Edit

Gizmo's gameplay revolves around you collecting a certian amount of sunglasses in each level. Gizmo confronts Gremlins in every level. Gizmo can kill the Gremlins by using his camera to flash them.

Stripe Edit

Stripe's gameplay consists of you slashing all of the lightbulbs and collecting all of the bottles in each level.

Trivia Edit

  • This game was released exclusively in Europe.
  • At the password screen, if you enter D8+MN4S--N, you will be able to start the game at the "Mall" stage, plus you will be able to play minigames.
  • The game appears to be based on the original Gremlins film.


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