Gremlins 3, according to IMDb, is in development as a sequel to Gremlins, essentially not a Gremlins remake.


Its concept has been in development for some years now with the film believed to be released around the Gremlins franchise's 35th anniversary. Nothing is official yet about when the film would be released. The film would not involve Joe Dante. If any original characters (including Earl & Greta) were to return, there would be very few, although Zach Galligan (Billy Peltzer) has hinted at a possible return of both his character and his character's love interest, Kate Peltzer (played by Phoebe Cates) if a third film were to take place. Some rumors hint that the possibility of it being filmed and shown in 3-D after the success of films, such as James Cameron's Avatar. It's possible that a third film would be made sometime during the next ten years with the current Neca toyline and a recent BT Advertisement causing some new interest in the film series.

In November 2015, Zach Galligan confirmed that the third film will be a sequel and not a reboot of the original Gremlins.



  • Series director Joe Dante yet again explains that there is movement on Gremlins 3 and he would be “flattered” that they need him to direct a new entry. – 7/12/11 (source)
  • Series director Joe Dante once again explains his stance on Gremlins 3 and explains that “There are no plans in the offing” for Gremlins 3 – 9/9/10 (source)
  • Series director Joe Dante reiterated his stance that he will be in no way associated with a Gremlins 3 Project. – 4/28/09 (source)
  • Series star Zach Galligan has commented that “In a way, yes. That is all I can say right now.” regarding renewed new studio interest in a possible Gremlins 3 – 9/2/08 (source)
  • There have been various scripts and ideas for Gremlins 3, but nothing is concrete yet.
  • Director Joe Dante has interest in a Gremlins film with Stop-Motion Gremlins – 2/5/07 & 10/6/07 (source)
  • Producer Mike Finnell will not be involved in a direct-to-video Gremlins film – (source) 2/5/07
  • Actor Zach Galligan has not heard official word of a Gremlins 3 – (source) 2/7/07
  • Zach Galligan has hinted at the possible return of Billy and Kate Peltzer, stating that he and Phoebe Cates were the same age as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
  • Joe Dante said that he doesn't know if Gremlins 3 even will be made, instead, there might be a remake made of the first movie (and a sequel to the remake, just in case).
  • The film may be made in 3-D.
  • Warner Bros. is thinking of rebooting the franchise, rather than making a sequel.
  • In November 2015, Zach Galligan confirmed that the third film will be a sequel, not a reboot. He also said it would be something along the lines of Jurassic World. – 11/25/15 (source)
  • This film (Gremlins 3) might have Tim Burton's animation for the opening and closing sequence, and most sequences are live-action (with stop-motion animation), though this film shall be directed by Joe Dante, who will also be the executive producer, with Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton and the film musician shall be Danny Elfman (since Jerry Goldsmith died in 2004). - 9/2/16 (source)


  • Gremlins 3: The Takeover is going to be the main title for the film (completely untrue as there is nothing happening regarding the film) – 7/2011
  • The film is under development and will be released direct-to-video through Warner Premiere - 2/2007
  • The movie will be made after Goonies 2 and Scooby-Doo 3, and all three will be direct to video. – 2/2007
  • Rob Lowe will star in Gremlins 3 - First rumor January 1999, Resurfaced 2001
  • Stephen Berkoff will star in Gremlins 3 – July 2001
  • Brian Lynch will be directing Gremlins 3 – August 2000
  • DreamWorks will be releasing Gremlins 3 – January 1999
  • The popularity of Furbies and their similarity to Mogwai have caused development on Gremlins 3. – January 1999
  • Gremlins 3: Hatched is going to be the title of the new Gremlins film
    (Gremlins 3: Hatched was simply the title for a fan story and fan made trailer)
  • Greta will return and spawn an army of thousands of female Gremlins.
  • A reincarnation of Stripe will be the main villain.
  • It will be a direct sequel to the original, which is untrue as Gremlins 2: The New Batch was a sequel.
  • Sarah Wheeler will be the main actress in Gremlins 3: Gremlins in Space.


  • Chris Columbus has announced some inching forward with gremlins 3 although it would be a remake he stated that it would not be a remake of the first it would take a different route. he also mentioned a possible title for the film Gremlins Tokyo drift 8/4/15

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