The title card which, when added to the other 99 cards, makes 100 cards in total.

The Gremlins 2: the New Batch movie cards were released in 1990 to promote the movie. They were, like the cards for the first movie, produced by the company Topps. The cards came in packets of 10, which included: 1 sticker, 9 cards and a piece of chewing gum. There were 88 cards and a total of 11 stickers.


Each card had a picture of a respective character or event on the front and a part of a story on the back. The sticker cards had a piece of a puzzle on the back. The picture of the completed puzzle was either the mogwai or the gremlins.

1. Gremlins 2: The New Batch
2. Gizmo the Mogwai
3. Daffy the Mogwai
4. George the Mogwai
5. Lenny the Mogwai
6. Mohawk the Mogwai
7. Metamorphosis
8. Lenny and George (Gremlins)
9. Daffy the Gremlin
10. Mohawk the Gremlin
11. Billy Peltzer
12. Kate Beringer
13. Mr. Futterman
14. Mrs. Futterman
15. Daniel Clamp
16. Seductive Marla
17. Executive Snoop Forster
18. Dr. Catheter
19. Microwave Marge
20. Grandpa Fred
21. Mr. Wing's Final Stand
22. A Mogwai in Mourning
23. Welcome to New York!
24. The Clamp Centre
25. Chatting with Grandpa Fred
26. Catheter's Creations
27. Mysterious New Arrival
28. A "Hello" from Gizmo!
29. A Boy and His Mogwai
30. Clamp Discovers Billy
31. Dinner with Marla (& Friend)
32. Birth of New Mogwais
33. Mistaking a Mogwai
34. Unexpected House Guest
35. Mogwais on the Loose!
36. Post-Midnight Snack!!
37. The Gremlins Are Back!
38. Gremlin Stew!
39. Confronting the Little Squirt
40. George Is Riled!
41. Marge - Signing Off!
42. Now You See It...!
43. Clamp's New Secretary
44. Elevator Assault!
45. In the Genetics Lab
46. Animal-Vegetable-Gremlin!
47. Lady Gremlina?!
48. The Bat Gremlin
49. Hit the Road, Bat!
50. A Batty Escape!
51. "Familiar, Trite, Uninspired!"
52. A Definite "Thumbs Down"!
53. Gremlin's Revenge
54. Sparking Some Trouble!
55. Attacked from on High!
56. Futterman's Triumph
57. Buried Alive!
58. Laboratory Lunacy!
59. Dr. Catheter's Demise
60. Forster's New Girlfriend!
61. Mohawk, the Spider Gremlin!
62. Whooping It Up!
63. Tourist Attractions
64. The Gremlin Shuffle
65. He's Coming for You!
66. Building Under Siege!
67. Marla - Caught in a Web!
68. She's No Dummy!
69. The Interview
70. The "Brain" Gremlin
71. Brainy Reflections
72. Dental Dilemma
73. Daffy's Deadly Drill
74. Futterman to the Rescue!
75. Web Worries
76. Spider Gremlin Rampage!
77. Gizmo... Marla's Hero!
78. We're Not Beaten Yet!
79. Divine, Simply Divine!
80. On Top of the Trouble!
81. The Original Party Animals!
82. Having a Gremlin Ball!
83. Zapped by Billy!
84. Front-Line Futterman!
85. Don't Rain on Our Parade!
86. Clamp In Command!
87. A Soggy, Slushy End
88. Gizmo's Farewell

Stickers: 1. Daffy the Mogwai
2. Mogwai Invasion!
3. Evil Mogwai Mohawk
4. George the Mogwai
5. Lenny the Mogwai
6. The Gremlins Have Arrived
7. Daffy the Gremlins
8. Lenny & George ( Gremlins )
9. It's After Midnight!
10. On the Town
11. The Bat Gremlin

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