Grandpa Fred's show

"Grandpa Fred's House Of Horrors" is a show on the CCN (Clamp Cable Network).


It's telling about Grandpa Fred and his Show

"Grandpa Fred's House Of Horrors" is a show replaying old Horror Movies. The show didn't do so well at first, because of Mr. Clamp's wish for all movies to be in colour. It turned out to be that the Black-In-White Horror movies were the scariest movies of all. The show didn't have much of a budget and had to rely on cheaper props (Like a cross eye puppet name Igor and a fake skeleton).

During the Gremlins invasion at Clamp Center, Grandpa Fred was with a random guy filming it, Grandpa Fred even show the most dangerous things (The gremlins did), Grandpa Fred told the viewers that maybe from another dimension or perhaps another universe.

The GremlinsEdit

In a Deleted scene Daffy sneaked in and replaced Igor. When Grandpa Fred to the place Igor was, Daffy popped up instead saying "Scary, Scary, Scary!" with a film roll in his hands. When Grandpa Fred sat on his stone chair, George, Lenny and Daffy popped up around Grandpa Fred telling everyone watching the show that it's scary. 

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