This woman (named Frances) worked as one of the four technicians in the Clamp Center control room and under Forster who was the head chief of security and their superior.


Prior to the gremlin invasion of the building, she and the other three technicians were present in the control room when Forster came to check up on them and she informed him about a potential violator she spotted on her screen; a man taking an unauthorized smoke break and who then got fired by Forster using an intercom radio to loudly point the man out and even activating a spotlight.

Later, just when Billy Peltzer came inside the control room to warn Forster and the technicians about the newly hatched gremlins that were at large in the building, she along with her co-workers started to make fun of Billy and his words about the mogwai, whose already have transformed into gremlins. Then Mohawk suddenly burst through a computer console and attacked Forster's Technician 1. She tried to help him but ended up getting clawed on her arm and backed off while Mohawk knocked the man out with a well-placed punch.

Thanks to Billy using a flashlight, the gremlin was then chased off and Billy handed her the flashlight before leaving. However, Forster quickly took it away from her to carry it himself. Sooner, as the gremlins George, Lenny and Daffy were multiplying in Studio D after the sprinkler system went off, she noticed that the pest infestation system was reading critical on her computer console and showed Forster, who wondered they was rats, but she replied that she was afraid they weren't. Still, he insisted that whatever they were, they should still respect the chain of command, whereupon she gave him a quiet look.

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