Mohawk about to punch him.

This man worked as one of the four technicians in the Clamp Center control room and under Forster who was the head chief of security.


Prior to the gremlin invasion of the building, he was present in the center's control room when Forster came to check up on them and also used one of the intercom systems on the console of the second technician to fire an employee who had been spotted on a camera and was taking an unauthorized smoking break.

Later, when Billy Peltzer came inside the control room to warn Forster and the technicians about the newly hatched gremlins that were at large in the building, the technician and his co-workers started to make fun of Billy and his words about the Mogwai and their transformations into gremlins; one thing he pointed out was the time zone issue regarding when a mogwai takes a snack around midnight, stating an example of one being on an airplane and the fact that it's always going to be midnight somewhere. Then suddenly Mohawk broke through his computer console, leaped at him and bit down onto his shoulder. The other shocked and scared technicians tried to help him but to no avail. Mohawk then punches him square in the face, knocking him out.

Thanks to Billy using a flashlight, the Gremlin is then chased off, leaving all four technicians to care for their wounded. It's unknown whether or not all four technicians survived the attack.

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