Father Bartlett was the local priest of Kingston Falls around the time of the gremlin invasion of the town. He appears to be a very kind-hearted and friendly man.


He was seen at the beginning of the story when Billy is seen running to work with his dog, Barney, and waves to him and says hello. Father Bartlett was not seen again until later on, when he tried to send some letters down into a mailbox, but had them all spat out again, courtesy of the Mailbox Gremlin that was hiding inside, much to his confusion. Mr Anderson then arrived greeting Father Bartlett and attempted to mail a letter and was attacked by the gremlin before Father Bartlett could warn him.

Its unknown whether or not he survived the Gremlin attack on the town.


  • He was portrayed by William Schallert.
  • A deleted scene where Billy meets him outside of the church exist. Father Bartlett and Billy had a brief conversation.

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