Executive bathroom 01

An executive rectifies a combover in the Executive Washroom.

The Executive Washroom was a male washroom facility located on the 51st floor of the Clamp Center. Presumably a female counterpart also existed.


Executive bathroom 02

Forster explains the Executive Washroom sign to Billy Peltzer. Note the briefcase.

The Executive Washroom was reserved for exclusive use by executives only, as denoted by the pictogram sign that showed a man holding a briefcase. It featured an automated announcer that welcomed executives to the "Men's room", and reminded them to wash their hands before leaving. It also included a dimmer switch for the lights and higher quality soaps on the counter next to the sinks. Strangely, the automated announcer would also remind executives to turn off the water if it was left running while unattended for too long, yet there were no push taps to implement this functionality automatically.


Executive bathroom 03

Forster phones for help in the Executive Washroom.

Shortly after rescuing Gizmo from Doctor Catheter's clutches in the Splice O' Life laboratory, Billy Peltzer smuggled the Mogwai into the executive washroom in a red toolbox and, after dimming the lights, placed the toolbox next to the sinks before opening it to check on Gizmo.

Later, Forster is chased from the Splice 'O Life into the executive washroom by the Greta, where he is trapped and sexually harassed. He phones Daniel Clamp to request help prior to the staging of a bizarre impromptu wedding scene by Greta.


In a deleted scene from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Billy drips water on Forster's shoes in the executive washroom and is reprimanded by the head of security for using the executive bathroom despite the fact that Billy is not an executive.

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