Stopmotion elevator1 1. 1.

The elevator gremlins

"38! 38...Going up!"

~The Elevator Gremlins, mimicking Kate's order.

The Elevator Gremlins were a mob of gremlins in Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), who attacked Kate Peltzer while she was in and elevator in the Clamp Center building. They taunted Kate by saying the number of the floor she wanted to go to and when she asked, "sound alarm," the gremlins did it themselves.

After a few minutes, the gremlins soon get bored of the elevator being still, but thanks to Daffy, their glee is restored when the elevator starts to go berserk. Their hands attack Kate through the elevator walls until Daffy fiddles with the wrong circuit, making the elevator drop downwards. It hits with enough force the smash the gremlins, resulting in a very slimy elevator. Two women who had waited for the elevator see Kate lying in a lift of slime and gooey chemicals. Disgusted, the two people had no choice but to go to call another.

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