Douglas Deagle is the bratty spoiled nephew of Ruby Deagle and Donald Deagle. Apparently, he is not fond of Billy Peltzer or the Peltzer family dog, Barney. In The Gremlins Storybook, by Mary Carey, when Mrs. Deagle threatens Billy Peltzer for his dog, Barney, a different conversation than in the film takes place. In the conversation, Mrs. Deagle is furious about Barney supposedly "chasing her little kitties" rather than smashing her imported Bavarian snowman. When Mrs. Deagle refers to him as a "savage beast" and complains that Barney bit her nephew, Douglas, Billy protests by saying that Douglas was trying to burn off Barney's tail with a propane torch. Douglas never appeared in the film or in any deleted scenes, nor is he mentioned, with the exception of being mentioned in the film's storybook. It is unknown if Douglas is considered a character who is canon, but he was possibly killed and eaten by the gremlins.

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