The Deagle Real Estate was a big house in the town of Kingston Falls where the wealthy and mean widow Ruby Deagle lived with her many cats, all named after different kinds of currency.

During the gremlin invasion of the town, the leader Stripe and some of the members of his army of gremlins discovered the estate and decided to mess with her. A bunch of them dressed up as Christmas carolers and started singing, which got Deagle out of the house, ready to throw waters at them because her hatred of Christmas carolers. Upon seeing it was gremlins, she screamed and went inside, locking the door and thinking they were demons out to get her. Meanwhile, one gremlin that had sneaked inside the house by using the cat door tampered with her electric chair lift so when she went over to it to use it get up the stairs, it speed upwards out of control and ultimately sent her and the chair plunging out a top floor window to her immediate death on the pavement of the sidewalk, to the joy of the gremlins.

It is unknown what happened to the house after her bizarre death, but it is likely that an relative of hers inherited it or got to take care of it such as her nephew Douglas Deagle.

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