Clamp corners

Clamp Corners

"Its Clamp Corners....where life slows down to a crawl!"

-Daniel Clamp

Camp Corners was the next building project eccentric millionaire Daniel Clamp decided to work on. 


Gremlins 2: The New BatchEdit

Daniel Clamp came up with the idea in Gremlins 2: The New Batch after seeing a picture of Billy Peltzer's home town Kingston Falls. Clamp decided to promote Billy and build "Clamp Corners" based on the small town of Kingston Falls.

Gremlins 3Edit

Billy with his soon wife to be Kate and his beloved pet Mogwai Gizmo might have gone to live in Clamp Corners in Gremlins 3.


The town of Clamp Corners could be a possible location for a future Gremlins 3 movie.

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