This Clamp Center Janitor was a surly, mustached man working as a janitor in the Clamp Center building.


He is seen trying to repair a very leaky faucet while talking to himself as Gizmo, who had gotten out of the drawer he was hiding inside, watched. Eventually a stream of water from the faucet hit Billy's drawing board and trickled down onto Gizmo, who then started to multiply, spawning The New Batch of mogwai. While three of the newly born mogwai, Mohawk, George and Lenny, prepare to advanced on Gizmo, the unknowing janitor, who's then had enough of the leaky faucet, made a phone call before leaving, being unable to fix the faucet and without his knowledge, said three mogwai hitched a ride with his janitor's cart after throwing Gizmo inside a ventilation shaft and closing it. The next day, he and other people escaped this building because of a fire alarm Kate pulled it because of the wreak havoc the gremlins caused.


The Clamp Center Janitor was played by John Aston, best known as Gomez Addams from The Addams Family (1964-66). He also provided the voice of Hank the Janitor in Disney's Recess (1997-2001).

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