"I'm sorry that didn't work out, sir. I thought Mr Clamp's offer was most generous."

-Claire, commenting on an unsuccessful meeting with Mr. Wing.

Claire was an employee of the Clamp organisation. He worked at the Clamp Center building, where his job was to assist Forster, Daniel Clamp's head of security.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Claire was a loyal employee of the Clamp Organisation, and shared his boss' loathing of disorder and individuality. He regulary scrutinized Billy Peltzer's unauthorized drawing of Kingston Falls with a look of disapproval, shaking his head slightly. When Forster disposed of the unauthorized potted plant, he gave Billy a smug grin before walking away. He often went out of his way to impress Forster, eagerly carrying equipment for him and holding open car doors. During excursions he remained stoic, assuming a dignified silence most of the time, speaking only to affirm with Forster. Claire frequently wore a tie that was given to him by Forster in an attempt to impress him, but was called out on this practice in a deleted scene.


Claire is first seen stepping out of a limousine outside Mr. Wing's shop in Chinatown. He carries a video cassette tape into Mr Wing's basement antique shop and passes it to Forster, who puts it into a Sony VCR to play Daniel Clamp's pre-recorded offer.

Six weeks later, Claire accompanies his boss on a decor inspection in the publicity department offices. He holds a computer while Forster uses the wand to read Billy Peltzer's Clamp badge and throws an unauthorized potted plant in the trash.

It is unknown whether or not Claire survived the Gremlin incident at the Clamp center, as he is not seen in any of the later scenes.

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