"Oh, neat."

- Stripe commenting on this gremlin's actions.

The Christmas Tree Gremlin was a member of the first batch and one of the five mogwai/gremlins that were spawned by Gizmo. He assisted Stripe in tying Barney the dog in tangled Christmas lights and begged and nagged on at Billy Peltzer to feed him and his brothers after midnight. The ill-willed mogwai batch had gnawed through Billy's digital clock's wires so he could be fooled. After eating chicken after midnight, the ill-willed mogwai were enclosed inside gooey, and slimy cocoons to go through transformation; from Mogwai to gremlins. This gremlin's nickname is earned after his attack method on Lynn Peltzer, Billy's mother.


He hid inside a Christmas tree in the living room and attempted to kill Lynn, possibly by suffocating her with the leaves and branches that would surround her. But Lynn was fortunate, as Billy came in as she was being attacked. Billy grabbed one of the swords hanging on the wall and whacked the Christmas Tree Gremlin's head off into the fireplace, where it quickly melted in the flame. The gremlin was the second-to-last of the first batch to die, the last being Stripe himself.


  • In the novelization of the film, this gremlin worked along with Stripe to attack Lynn Peltzer.
  • When the Christmas tree comes down, look closely behind it and you can see a man in a red shirt pushing it.