The Car Gremlin was one of the many gremlins that invaded Kingston Falls. He was seen messing around under the hood of an abandoned car.


As Billy Peltzer (with Gizmo in his backpack) and Kate Beringer was running from Dorry's Tavern, from where Billy had rescued Kate, and across the street where the gremlins were rampaging everywhere. The Car Gremlin pops up from under the hood of the car, scaring Kate. She slams down the hood on top of the gremlin before continuing to run after Billy and they along with Gizmo seek shelter in the Kingston Falls Bank which lied in shambles after the gremlins had been inside. The Car Gremlin later dies in the Kingston Falls Movie Theater along with the other gremlins, except Stripe, as Billy and his two companions manages to cause the theater to explode and go up in flames.

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