While the Gremlins are watching Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Stripe decides to leave the film to get more snacks to eat but then soon realizing they are all gone. Stripe then looks across the road and sees a sign 'Candy' which leads him towards the store to get more snacks.


While Stripe is eating more food the cinema explodes with all the gremlins in there which makes Stripe having to create his clan again. Billy Peltzer, Kate Beringer and Gizmo escape from the explosion of the cinema and see Stripe in the Candy Store knowing straight away Stripe is out to find water to create his clan again. Billy Peltzer goes out to find Stripe while Kate Beringer and Gizmo stay behind to turn the lights on in the store. Stripe then begins to attack Billy leading him to be wounded with a arrow in his arm that Stripe shot. Lucky enough Kate gets the lights on making it difficult for Stripe to injure Billy more. Once Kate had turn the lights on she could not seem to find Gizmo as he had lead of to defeat Stripe.


Doing this Gizmo finds a car and goes up a shovel which he uses as a ramp to open the blinds while Stripe is entering the water to create his new clan. This becomes successful with Stripe melting away with the bright light affecting him.

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