Yum! Yum!
—Bookster's response to the book "Dining After Midnight in New York"

Bookster, the book-reading gremlin, spawned at Clamp Center in 1990. It was shown reading at least two different books.

Gremlins 2

Bookster first appears in the laboratory scene where it was seen reading a different book called "The Double Helix." Before Forster gets attacked by Greta and later, it is seen again with Gizmobuster who was holding a teddy bear while reading book named "Dining After Midnight in New York." He also laughed along with the Gizmobuster Gremlin about the teddy bear that was hanging from a small noose. The book reading gremlin was destroyed by the Electric Gremlin along with the most of the gremlins (except Greta).


  • "Dining After Midnight in New York" could be a reference to the rule of eating after midnight that turns a Mogwai to a Gremlin, as Mohawk, Lenny, George, and Daffy did in New York. The book is also fictional, made only for the movie.
  • He may be a reincarnation of one of the Caroling Gremlins, because they could read and he can read as well.