This Messenger (named Bob) worked as a mail & package delivery boy in New York City around the time of the gremlin invasion of the Clamp Center building.


When he delivered a package to the Splice O' Life laboratory inside the Clamp Center building, he heard the whistling song of the Mogwai Gizmo who was being held captive there and got the tune in his head. He then went to the office area to deliver another package, whistling the very same tune as he was waiting for the recipient to sign the delivery paper. Billy Peltzer who was sitting at his workstation nearby heard him and asked him where he heard the tune, whereupon the messenger told him he heard it in the laboratory on the 51st floor; the Splice O' Life. Billy then went to check it out, discovered his former pet and took him with him. He left the Clamp center soon after so he would of survived the later Gremlin attack.

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