Betty worked as billionaire property developer Daniel Clamp's personal secretary. At work she could often be found sitting at her workdesk in the reception area outside Mr Clamp's office in the Clamp Center building.


A deft multitasker, Betty was taking lunch at her desk while shredding Mr Clamp's mail when Mr Clamp decided to dictate a memo to her, which she began typing on an Apple Macintosh SE. As the gremlins invaded the building, one of them, the Secretary Gremlin snuck up to her desk and inserted a small, loaded mousetrap into her sandwich, onto which she unknowingly bit. It presumably snapped around her tongue, causing her to scream. Mr Clamp came to investigate, whereupon he found the gremlin sitting at her computer with her red scarf around him. She disappeared after the mousetrap incident, either the Gremlin killed her or she ran away and released the mousetrap from her mouth.

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