"Beanie! Beanie! Beanie!"

-The Beanie Gremlin annoying Brain Gremlin.

The Beanie Gremlin is a propeller beanie-wearing gremlin who was one of the many gremlins that invaded the Clamp Center building.


During the Brain Gremlin's TV interview with Grandpa Fred, the Brain talked at length about the Gremlins' desire to be civilized, and how his species tended to be primitive. However during this interview, Brain had been becoming very annoyed by a nearby Gremlin who had been chattering excitedly after finding a beanie hat. Irritated by it's simpleminded "Beanie, beanie, beanie!" chatter, Brain said, "We want to be civilized. I mean, you take a look at this fellow here," as he pulled out a revolver and shot the Beanie Gremlin, killing him instantly to the delight of other gremlins watching the interview. "Now was that civilized? No, clearly not. Fun, but in no sense civilized."



The 3D Gremlin next to a possible Beanie Gremlin precursor also in Gremlins

  • Although it can be difficult to spot, there is a gremlin that has the same taste in hat wear, who is sitting next to the 3D Glasses Gremlin in the first film.
  • The way the Brain Gremlin killed the Beanie Gremlin is similar to Stripe killing the Poker-Cheating Gremlin with a pistol.
  • The Beanie Gremlin was voiced by the film's director Joe Dante himself.

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